Saturday, April 2, 2011

In-House Photo Shoot

top photo: work by Jenny, model: Jill

second photo: work by An, model: Souky

third photo: work by Kimberly, model: Jessica

fourth photo: work by Jennifer, model: Amanda

last photo: work by Jada, model: Alex

On Sunday, March 20, several of our Mouton's team members volunteered their off time, to practice their skills. We focused on how to execute photo shoots and get great images everytime. As you know Mouton's Salon is constantly published in all of the hair -focused magazines and we want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn the techniques that go into having a successful shoot. Michelle, who has participated in many location shoots for Mouton's was there on Sunday, as was Jennifer, who even though she has been with Mouton's for 11 years, had never joined us at a shoot. Also, joining us were Kimberly, An, Jada and Jenny. Souky came as well and was a model for An. Sherri came to help where needed and wound up not only doing makeup and assisting the photographer, but wound up doing a "look" as well. Everyone got at least 3 different looks from their models, which is an important part of doing photo shoots - being able to be flexible and achieve different looks with the same model and same haircut and color! We are posting just one look from each team member here on the blog, but will be posting more images on our FaceBook page.

Well done, ladies!

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