Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Intercoiffure America/Canada Holds Spring Conference in South Beach

It wasn't just another hair show in Miami when celebrity artists and the industry's most successful salon owners gathered on April 17-18 for a full program of creative presentations and workshops. What made ICA's Spring Symposium, one of Intercoiffure America/Canada's two annual events, unique, was the exceptional access to the industry's top talent. As you know, Mouton's Salon has been a member of this prestigious organization since the mid-1990's and always comes away from these events full of great ideas and creativity.
One of the highlights of the weekend was the presentation from Vivienne MacKinder, Fashion Director for ICA. MacKinder has already created several notable collections, in which she's drawn on the romance of classic styles and couture to showcase her technical wizardry. Her newest work, "Shadows & Shapes," brings abstract architectural shapes to life in bold, yet surprisingly feminine hair designs. MacKinder uses various styling and texturizing techiques to produce a wide range of variations on the same basic cut. "So many women and stylists fear cutting hair short. 'Shadows & Shapes' demonstrates that a well-balanced shape complementing the bone structure can be feminine and beautiful, no matter what the length is."
Jo Blackwell-Preston, co-director of ICA's Haircolor Council served as colorist for the collection, and Roberto Ligresti shot the images. The team was completed by David Widjaja as fashion stylist and David Maderich as the makeup artist.

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