Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photo Shoot 2011

This is Britt, another one of our lovely models who participated in our in-house photo shoot, recently. As you can see from the "before" image, her hair is quite long and the color was very uneven with major new growth at the roots. Even though the ombre look is very trendy, with colored ends and mid-shaft that devolve back to the root area, that is a very deliberate and articulated look. Britt's look was the result of waiting too long between highlighting appointments. We simply evened out the color and substituted some of the darker sections with a fantastic icy blond look. In the first look, notice the long barrel curls and how the color is consistent from root to ends. In both looks, the long bangs help make a great statement. In the first look with all the hair down, it helps frame a great face and in the second look, the bangs help to draw attention away from her long forehead. Along with the long bangs in the second look, the hair gathered on the side, in the back, tells a great story of simple sophistication.

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