Friday, October 31, 2008

One Last Intercoiffure post

Another fashion/hair presentation at the Intercoiffure Mondial Atelier in NYC, Oct, 2008

More Intercoiffure from New York

Intercoiffure Mondial New York Atelier

We have recently returned from New York City for our yearly atelier with fellow Intercoiffure Mondial members. Here are the hair and fashion trends for the upcoming season as interpreted by our industry.

For hair color, we are no longer doing high lights over color, we are now doing color over high lights. We still will have dimension in the hair, but it will be much more subtle, soft, and shiny. The color we use at Mouton's is a company from Germany, which has a patented shine molecule. Next season we will see more believable blonds, rich, soft, shiny brunettes, and true red heads.

The colors for the upcoming seasons are modern, yet not cold. Gina Khan, Creative Director for Intercoiffure describes this concept by comparing hair to "shot silk- where the interplay of colors between warp and weft create a shimmering surface of pure tones. You see the hair color change with the changing light. The dimension is stripes or panels".
For hair cuts, the most predominant trend is individuality. What's most flattering and conducive to your facial structure and growth directions is in fashion. Also, the hair styles are fuller and have more femininity. The shapes are very touchable and free, yet still have form. It is also important to remember that your color and cut are a team and should compliment each other.

Every season we learn what the new black is. For Spring and Summer, purple is the new black. Scott Cole, the North American Fashion Director summarized Spring fashion by saying, "It's a style that beautifully compliments Spring's diversely textured, layered fashions- flowing lines that cleverly disort the female shape".

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Saturday, October 18, 2008


For those of you who have been finally has happened. One of our salon directors, Lucy finally had little Sophia on Friday. 7lbs 5 oz, 21" long. Congratulations to the entire Molina and Perez families.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Photo Shoot Pics

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Fashion Preview II

Fall Fashion Preview At Mouton's Salon

Last Friday night, Mouton's had our annual in-salon fall fashion preview, whereby select members of our staff present to the rest of us their research for the season. This time Whitney, Jessica M, Lindsay and Michelle did a great job of presenting their ideas to us.

This is what we heard: Jewel tones, layers, plaid, trouser pants, denim in every color, scarves....the list continues. Stop by today or call and one of our team will walk with you through the trends.

Her are a few pics of our fun event. We recieved great feedback from the rest of the staff and had a wonderful time in the process. We had food, wine, music and great mingling. Watch for our public fashion event in January in conjuction with a charitable cause.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Jessica (Joey, Jy) Luna.

Jessica is 22 today!

Congratulations to her!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Salon Photo Shoot 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER! Amber is celebrating a big day today, so please help us in congratulating her.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Salon Photo Shoot 2008

This is Lauren, one of the models at our recent photo shoot. In

addition to being a model for us, Lauren and her mother happen to be long time customers of Mouton's Salon as well.

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Since it has been several days since we updated, we need to take care of several things.
First we want to congratulate Sherri L and Ashley(Ashton)P for being with us for one year. Both Sherri and Ashton are Tony&Guy graduates and Oklahoma girls. Both ladies graduated from college in Oklahoma, came to Texas and enrolled at the Tony&Guy Academy in Carrollton. Sherri actually worked in a Tony&Guy salon for a while before coming to Mouton's Salon. Her post graduate jobs, before becoming a hairdresser - in Radio & TV production. Ashton brings a degree in business to her hairdressing skills. Welcome to both ladies and thank you for a year well spent.