Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Intercoiffure Mondial

The aristocracy of the salon industry met at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC on Oct 17-19. Intercoiffure America/Canada (ICA) held its annual Atelier New York on this weekend, gathering its elite membership to network and celebrate their craft.
The Atelier was established in 1969 as a performance workshop where Intercoiffure members could demonstrate their craft for other members. Over the years, the Atelier has evolved in a major creative event for the hairdressing industry. Mouton's Salon has been a member of this elite group since 1994. ICA is comprised of more than 300 salon owners employing more than 27500 employees. The average annual sales volume for an Intercoiffure member ranges from $1.5 million to $85 million. In addition to their economic clout, Intercoiffure members set the creative and quality standards for the industry.
Among the presenters this year - Laurent D, a trend-setting, internationally reknowned stylist with a long list of clients; Australian guest artist Peter Hanmer who currently serves as chairman of the Australian Intercoiffure organization; Nick Arrojo, the hairdressing host of the TV reality show, "What Not to Wear"; and Oribe, the rock'n roll hairdresser who helped develop the "supermodel" concept in the '80's.
In addition to all of the artists above, Scott Cole the Fashion Director of ICA, along with his group presented a very exciting design show entitled "Post-Modern Jazz".

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