Friday, July 30, 2010


As the month of July draws to a close, we want to take a few words to say thanks to the following people who celebrated a job anniversary with us.
Leslie Sowell who has been with Mouton's Salon since 2001. In addition to seeing customers, Leslie has taught for us, she regularly assists with inventory control and is an all around hard worker. She consistently sees more customers in any given week, than most of the rest of us. Thanks, Leslie, for your hard work.
Ashley Parker has been with Mouton's salon since 2004. Although she still sees customers two days in a week, she also splits the salon director responsibilities with Jessica Wenth during the remainder of her work week. If you need something done, and soon, Ashley is the "go to" person.
Tracy Tarbet celebrated two years with our organization earlier this month as well. She spent the first 18 months with Mouton's Salon and for the last six months has helped to launch our new brand, LoxxSalons. Tracy will be operations director of this new concept as we look for growth opportunities going forward.
Jenny Myers and Monica Adamson also passed a celebration date earlier this week. Both ladies started with Mouton's, one year ago. In just a short time, they have made tremendous strides in adapting to our culture and standards. Jenny joined us from another salon group in Ft Worth and brought great insight to us, while Monica joined us after moving to Texas from Santa Monica, CA, where she attended the world famous Vidal Sasson Academy.
Congratulations ladies - all five of you, for doing such a great job and upholding our standards.
We appreciate you all.

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