Monday, April 5, 2010

Revive Africa Benefit

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our event this past Saturday. From everyone who donated either your time and/or your products to all of the volunteers who helped to set up the salon on Saturday afternoon, to all of the guests who came with your wallets and hearts open wide, we thank you each and everyone. With your help, your donations and your dollars, we were able to raise $12,000 for the Wellington Orphanage in Sierre Leone, Africa.
Through the efforts of Revive Africa, the funds will be used to provide bedding, modernize and update the sanitation system of the orphanage, provide educational opportunities and solve transportation hindrances.
We will provide links to all of the participants/donors in a future post, but we would like to acknowledge a very special someone on our Mouton's staff that had the vision to make this happen - Lindsay Lane Huckins. Lindsay worked diligently to make sure that the event would be a success and what a success it was. She connected with many people during this process and has done an excellent job of representing Mouton's Salon and Revive Africa. Mouton's Salon is very blessed to have someone like Lindsay who has vision and the wherewithal to see it to completion. Job well done, Lindsay.
We also want to acknowledge the efforts of a few of our staff members, who on Saturday volunteered their time to make sure that the salon was ready for the event. Ashley Parker, Robert Herrera and Sherri Long came early to help set up. Leslie Sowell and Jessica Wenth not only came in on their early, but they both stayed late to help clean up. Thanks to all, again, especially everyone who attended and demonstrated your compassion for the children by speaking with your dollars.

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