Friday, October 15, 2010

Transition From Summer To Fall

The transition from Summer to Fall is easy to embrace because it is a natural transition.

To transition your HAIR COLOR from Summer to Fall, try the Ombre technique. Sarah Jessica Parker's color is a beautiful example of this. Ombre is a progression of color from dark to light. There are many different techniques and patterns to apply the color, but the best is to make a progression of colors on the same strand. This is also a very easy color to maintain, because all you have to do is retouch your roots.

The HAIR CUT recommended for this color technique is a shape with creative layering. This is a fun color, so it makes sense that your layers would compliment this. This style is very easy, it is fun to do a simple part down the middle, and add curls or use your natural texture. We recommend Oribe Volumista to spray before blow drying and Oribe Dry Texturize for maximum volume.

Summer to Fall is an easy transition for your wardrobe. You can use your favorite summer pieces in fall very easily. Do you have a favorite dress that you rocked this summer? Add a cardigan or a blazer over it, throw on a belt and structured boots. Wear a favorite summer top with wide leg trousers or a pencil skirt. Switch your slouchy hobo bag for a polished structured bag in a neutral hue.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trend Release Story Boards

This passed Saturday evening a small group presented the Fall Trends to our team members. This is something we do for the beginning of Fall and Spring. The group spends time outside of work to prepare to educate our staff on the season's hottest trends for Hair Cuts, Color, Makeup and Fashion. This year each member of the group created a story board to represent their trends. The 3 trends they presented were: Summer to Fall (a how-to), Old & New (vintage styles worn today) and Yesterday to Tomorrow (taking inspiration from yesterday for today's trends). We would like to applaud Jenny, Diana, Sherri, and Jmat for all their hard work. If you're in the salon over the next week take a moment to check out their story boards!

We would also like to thank Bess & Evies, Ma Dame Fiery, and Letticia Howland for letting us use their beautiful pieces for the show. Bess & Evie's attended the event and sold their unique vintage pieces to our staff. So thank you Kalen, for our gorgeous dresses, stylish cowboy boots and vintage pearl snaps!

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