Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LOXX Salon Photo Shoot

We just want to give a big notice of recognition to 5 of our talented team members from Mouton's Salon. On Sunday, Leslie, JessicaM, Michelle, Jenny and Ali stepped up and took their day off to help create awareness for our new salon brand, LoxxSalons. On Sunday at our Euless location, Loxx Salons held a photo shoot for the drill team members of Grapevine HS. This was actually our 3rd photo shoot for the local high schools - we had shot Colleyville HS and LD Bell HS in Hurst, previously. Because the Fillie squad is larger than the others and because Loxx was open for business at the same time, we needed lots of extra help. These ladies from Mouton's all volunteered to help do whatever needed to be done. What they wound up doing was a lot of styling and makeup! Thanks to Ali and Jenny for a great job on the makeup and to Leslie and Michelle for just clearing the way and doing hair in the corners and on the edge of the desk. Leslie and Michell have traveled with Mouton's doing photo work, so they were able to make some sense of all that controlled chaos.
Big nod to JessicaM, who not only doubles as a front desk person for Mouton's Salon but has really grown into her role as organizer and media person for both brands. Because of her, it was organized and well executed.
We also want to mention Kami Myles of http://www.kamimylesphotography.com/ who has really worked hard at all three of our Loxx shoots.
Check out these pics of our Mouton's ladies in action and on the Loxx Salons FB page.

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